Counselling Services

Counselling services with Clear Mind Psychotherapy & Counselling are often covered by your EAP (Employee Assistance Program) or Extended Health Care Plan. If you don’t have coverage, or are looking for more than what your provider offers, contact Clear Mind to discuss affordable payment options.

Clear Mind Psychotherapy & Counselling treats individuals, couples, and families for conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, grief, parenting issues, couple’s counselling, family therapy, and much more.

Appointments are usually held in person in either the Brampton, Ontario, or Orangeville, Ontario, office. However, telephone sessions can be arranged in certain circumstances.

The confidential aspect of your counselling at Clear Mind Psychotherapy & Counselling is protected by law as well as the professional requirements of the therapist.

At Clear Mind you will find a warm, receptive, and professional environment coupled with a reality-based therapist who will help you develop tranquility and clarity in your thoughts and life. Results are often transformative.

Below, are just a few of the comments volunteered by clients:

  • “The money I paid you was the best money I ever spent.”
  • “I did an exhaustive search for a good counsellor, and finally, I found you.”
  • “I’ve been everywhere trying to get help and you’re the only person who’s been able to help me.”
  • “I’ve been to several other counsellors but never went for more than one or two sessions because it wasn’t working. This is different.”
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